Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge Anne

Hello peachies! Is everyone ready for the holidays? Anne is an olive green with fine fuchsia and gold shimmer throughout the polish.  Rescue Beauty Lounge is a 4-free brand (free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and formaldehyde resin.)  Anne is one of four colors in the Fall 2010 Housewives of Tudor Dynasty collection.  The formula was the Rescue Beauty excellent standard.  I only applied two coats for complete opacity.  This color is so luxurious and velvety.  Anne looks dark olive green indoors but sparkle some sunlight on Anne and you will see those awesome shimmers.  This polish definitely has depth with the gold and fuchsia shimmer really showing through depending on how the light reflects which makes this polish a stand-out. A lot of people have asked me what base and top coat polish I use.  Well, I started using Poshe Nail Strengthening Treatment Base Coat a couple of months ago and have been satisfied thus far.  For the top coat, I have went back the Seche Vite.  I just haven't came across anything else like it.  It makes your nails shiny and hard as ever.  Anyway, want Anne?  It is at now as a part of the Bring It Back 2 polish series so you might want to hurry up and get it. It is 18 bucks.  Until next time...

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Neutral in November Post #8: China Glaze Concrete Catwalk (Fall 2011 Metro Collection)

Hello peachies!  Concrete catwalk is a dark grey crème.  The Metro collection has a nice range of colors, 10 colors to be exact, including most of the seasons top trend colors ranging from rust to purple hues.   This collection is one of the most complete from China Glaze.  I wanted to get every single, last one of them…no lie.  China Glaze is a three-free brand (free of toluene, DBP, and formaldehyde.)  The formula was great. I applied three coats but of course you could get away with two.  This polish is just what I was looking for, not all the way black but still maintain the edginess with the being the color of slightly sun-faded asphalt.  Another color I hated to take off.  Dark grey done beautifully!  Clawing for Concrete Catwalk?  It retails at Ulta or for $7. This is my last installment of the Neutral Nails in November post series.  I hope you have enjoyed because I sure did. Hopefully, this series showed that not all neutrals are safe and boring.  Until next time...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Neutral in November Post #7: Zoya Minka (Fall 2011 Touch Collection)

Hey peachies! Minka is a beige crème with very subtle shimmer. The Touch collection includes Minka and two other full coverage nudes, Shay and Pandora. Zoya is a 4-free brand (free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and camphor) and has an award-winning vegan friendly formula. The formula is sort of thick but not too bad. Due to the thickness, I only applied two coats. Honestly, Minka had to grow on me. I love the creaminess of it but the color just wasn’t impressive at first but now I like it. It is a very safe nude especially for someone with yellowish undertones (olive). I’m not sure how it would look on someone with rosy or peachy undertones. Maybe one of the other colors would do. Yearning for Minka? Get it at Zoya’s website for $8.  As my "Neutral in November" post series is nearing to a close, what do y'all think about it? Leave a comment for your thoughts!  Until next time... 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Neutral in November Post #6: OPI Warm & Fozzie (Holiday 2011 Muppets Collection)

    The awesome flecks...     
Happy Thanksgiving peachies! Warm & Fozzie is a burnished bronze with flecks of greenish gold and red.  The Muppets collection encompasses of 12 new polish colors, six reds and neutrals and six glitter shades. OPI is a 4-free brand (free of toluene, DBP, formaldehyde, and formaldehyde resin.)  The formula was great, just right.  I applied three coats but you could probably get away with two.  The coppery goodness that is Warm & Fozzie screams holiday!  It reminds me of drinking hot cider, smelling the Christmas tree, and looking at  tapestry.  I get an overall wintery, festive feeling when I look at this polish on my nails.  The coppery base with the warm flecks of gold and red suspended is just pure delight! Warm & Fozzie is the perfect holiday neutral.  Want your own Warm & Fozzie?  It retails at your local Ulta store for $8.50.  Visit for more retail locations.  

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Neutral in November Post #5: Rescue Beauty Lounge Piu Mosso (Fall 2011 L’Oiseau de Feu Collection)

Hey peachies! Piu Mosso is a blackened navy with peachy orange flash of shimmer.   Rescue Beauty Lounge is a 5-free brand (free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP, formaldehyde resin and animal testing.)  Piu Mosso is one of four colors in this collection.  In case you are wondering, L’Oiseau de Feu means “Firebird.”  Rescue Beauty Lounge’s formula is known for its smoothness and ease of application and Piu Mosso is no exception.  For real, I only applied one coat and if you have being a frequent reader of my blog you know that I rarely apply just one coat!  Navy is one of my favorite neutrals because it can sometimes be what I called “The Forgotten Neutral.” Ji Baek (the mastermind behind Rescue Beauty) hits the spot with this color. The inky base color and flash of peachy orange are separately noticeable, especially in outdoor lighting.  I just wished I  a smidgen more of the orange flash translated on the nail.  Even with that small complaint, I have nothing like it in my collection; it is definitely unique.  Gotta have Piu Mosso?  It retails for $18 at 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Neutral in November Post #4: NARS Cosmetics Night Rider (Fall 2011 Night Series Collection)

Close-up (see the iridescent sparkle?)
Hello peachies! Night Rider is a muted lavender with a dominant silver sparkle with hints of holographic flakes.  Although the flakes and sparkle, the base color is so muted that this is an unusual neutral, a lacquer wearable with anything.  NARS Cosmetics is a 4-free brand (free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and formaldehyde resin.)  NARS Night Rider is one of four colors in the limited edition collection Night Series.  The formula was good, no problem with it.  I applied three thin coats for complete opacity.  The color is just gorgeous, very soft and demure.  It oddly reminds of me of the lavender Care Bear.  I think her name was Harmony Bear (shrugs).  I guess it’s the iridescent flakes combined with the lavender base that take me back Care Bear cartoon show. Anywho, I was totally expecting a vampy color with a name like Night Rider but got the beautiful, airy color instead.  My verdict?  I love it so that I didn’t want to take it off even after my tips wore.  Speaking of worn tips, NARS nail polishes have always stayed on my nails for at least 7 days, AT LEAST.  Need Night Rider in your life?  Hurry up, it’s a limited edition!  You can find it at your local Nordstrom’s or for $17.        

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Neutral in November Post # 3: Rescue Beauty Lounge (Iconic/Ironic Spring 2011 Collection)

See the subtle shimmer...

Hi peachies!  Iconoclast is an intense black shimmer.  The pink and green shimmer gives it a metallic look.  It is so fabulously smoky that I would either describe it as a black shimmer or the true color of coal, successfully teetering the line of black and the darkest of charcoal grey.  Rescue Beauty Lounge is a 5-free brand (free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP, formaldehyde resin, and animal testing.)  Most of black shimmers usually don't appeal to me because either the shimmer is so invisible that it might as well just be a black creme or so visible that it looks like lint on black giving a grubby look to the polish. The formula is Rescue Beauty standard. By that statement, I mean flawless. I think it can be a one-coater but because black can be messy, I maintained better control by applying two thinner coats.  The rich base color and multifaceted shimmer are in perfect tandem.  Iconoclast is the softest black I've ever seen while effectively maintaining the edginess that black polish creates.  Rescue Beauty has done it again.  My verdict?  This will definitely be my new go-to black.  Want Iconoclast?  Unfortunately, it is sold out right now on  Ji, the mastermind behind Rescue Beauty Lounge, informed me that it is gone for good:(  I know MAJOR bummer. I will definitely keep you updated if she changes her mind or if I find a dupe.  Until next time...

Monday, November 7, 2011

Neutral in November Post # 2: Chanel Blue Boy (Les Jeans de Chanel Fall 2011 Collection)

Up close (but blurry, sorry)...there is no Chanel shimmer to Blue Boy

Hey peachies!  Blue Boy is a medium blue crème which mimics the medium wash color of jeans.  It is a touch blurple, not necessarily gray undertones but definitely a calm bright color.  It is a tad squishy, sort of a jelly but it finishes as a high-gloss crème.  Chanel's formula is a 4-free brand (free of toluene, formaldehyde, phthalates/DBP and formaldehyde resin). This is a neutral, in my opinion, because jeans go with everything right?!  LOL but it’s true.  Blue Boy applies beautifully, I used three coats.  The color is just so chic to me. It is a blue that anyone can wear, from the wild child to the conservative chick.  I didn’t want Blue Boy to leave my nails but the tips eventually wore in 5 daysL.  Want your own Blue Boy?  Hurry up!  It’s a limited edition…get it at for a whopping $29. So what are your thoughts?  Would this polish work as neutral for you? Until next time...

Friday, November 4, 2011

Neutral in November Post # 1: Essie Case Study (Fall 2011 Brand New Bag Collection)

Hello peachies! So I’ve decided to have a theme for the month of November.  It will be called “Neutral in November” where I will be exploring the world of neutral nail polish.  Now some of the neutrals will be usual like this kick-off post about Essie Case Study, some unusual.  So follow my posts in November about the wonderful world of neutral nail polishJ.  On to study Case Study lol...Case Study is a cool, dusty taupe color with greenish undertones.     Essie is a 3-free brand (free of toluene, DBP and formaldehyde.)  This lovely polish is one of six colors in this collection.  The formula is wonderful; it could really be a one coater, the first time I have experienced that with an Essie polish. Y’all know me though, I applied two coats. The color is a usual neutral but it is just so sophisticated.  It does have a grayed out look like its spring cousin, Essie Sand Tropez but it is darker.  Case Study is similar to the color of the standard khaki pants.  Gotta have Case Study?  Essie retails at major retailers like CVS, Target and Ulta for $8.  Until next time...

Pic is sort of blurry :-/

Friday, October 21, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge Mismas

Hey peachies! Mismas is a vibrant, deep purple crème.  Rescue Beauty Lounge is a 4-free brand (free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and formaldehyde resin.)  Mismas was one of three nail colors (named after Michelle Mismas, the founder of great nail blog, debuted in Fall 2009 Blogger collection.  The formula is AMAZING!  I mean, one-coat type of amazing but you know me, I applied two coats.  The application is amazingly smooth.  Can you tell I love this polish?  Mismas definitely has more blue than red undertones but it a gorgeous color and super-shiny.  The pigmentation is perfect, utterly perfection.  Want Mismas? Well right now, it’s sold out on but I THINK you can vote to bring it back, I know, bummer times 10.  If not, I would try to score it Ebay. However, Rescue Beauty Lounge has some amazing colors to browse through.  Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes are $18 each.  This is the perfect purple crème. It's a little pricey but completely worth it.  Until next time...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Essie Braziliant (Braziliant Summer 2011 Collection)

Hey y'all! I know this is a summery color but the fall season always makes room for a beautiful orange;-) Braziliant is bright orange with a pinkish overlay sheen. Essie is a 3-free brand (free of toluene, DBP and formaldehyde.) The namesake of this collection applies smooth; the formula is another hit for Essie. As you may can see, the orange is way more orange-y than it appears in the bottle. Braziliant loooks more like a coral in the bottle.  The pink sheen softens the orange just enough to give it halo effect while maintaining the vividness of this beautiful orange. Like, like and like! Gotta have Braziliant? Essie retails at major retailers like CVS & Target for $8.

By the way, I will be doing a special post series in November.  I will reveal the name of the series at the end of this month.  Have an awesome weekend!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Season is here…Polish Colors for Fall 2011

Hello peachies! This fall season has all of the expected colors like jewel tones trending with pops of the unexpected like beige or nude.  From gorgeous greens and grays to beautiful browns and blues, there are definitely enough shades of color to go around this fall for everyone. 

DL's Billionaire

There have been greens that showed up throughout the year in different collections.  You will notice the greens in the various fall collections are very earthy, murky and camouflage-y sometimes with an unexpected twist like an iridescent finish.  Most of the popular nail lacquer brands like OPI, Essie and Deborah Lippman have incorporated a green in their fall collection.                     

Other brands like Chanel and Butter London also have amazing greens with a twist in the finish in their collection.

butter London Wallis


DL's Stormy Weather

Creamy grays, metallic grays…grays everywhere.  Grays, especially gray crèmes, came on the scene a couple of years ago.  They are very chic and the unusual neutral.  The trend continues into this fall with splendid slate- and marvelous metallic-colored lacquers. OPI and Deborah Lippmann incorporated gray crèmes in their fall collection while Chanel  and Orly opted for metallic grays into their collections. 

Beige and Brown

Essie Case Study

Carrying the nude trend over to the fall, beiges are big this season.  Whether it is yellow- or pink-based beige, you are sure to find one that looks great on you.  The nail polish brand, Zoya, dedicated one of their fall collections, Touch, to nude and beige colors.   

China Glaze Street Chic
The obvious color of fall, brown and its variations like taupe, is making its appearance this fall and the shades are sure not to disappoint.  

Blue and Purple
Blue and purple are poster children for jewel tones.  Smoky blues are all the rave this season.

Chanel's Les Jeans De Chanel collection dedicated the entire theme to blues.   Rescue Beauty Lounge incorporated a blue in the latest collection Firebird called Piu Mosso, described by Ji as an “inky blue-black with a flash of orange.”  OPI also has an inky blue cream, Roadhouse Blues.

Purple, whether it’s a subdued mauve or inky violet, this hue is included in the fall trend. 

OPI It's My Year

MAC Rain of Flowers

Red and Rust

OPI Color to Diner For

Summer, orangey reds are being traded in this fall for wine- and rust- tinged reds.   Brands like OPI and China Glaze are offering  some ravishing wine-colored reds in their latest collections. 

Rusty reds, a lovely combo of brown and red, are making a spotlight appearance this fall.  Armored with glamorous sophistication, these rust-colored hues will sure put you in the autumn state of mind. 
China Glaze Brownstone

So peachies! What say you?  Which colors are you gushing over?  These hot colors scream sophisication. You know I am partial to green and this season is no exception.  I am surprisingly amped to try the rust colors.  I don’t know about you but I am a fall baby who loves the autumn season and can’t wait to try some of these colors! 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

WHOA NAILY! Nicole by OPI Green Up Your Act (Fall 2011 Something About Color Collection)

Hey peachies! Green Up Your Act! is a muted green crème with a subtle blue-greenish look to it...almost viridian green but sort of camouflage-y. I hope that is a good description :-) Nicole by OPI is a 3-free brand (free of toluene, DBP and formaldehyde.) The formula and application is heaven which is kind of a surprise. In the past, Nicole by OPI had these "perfect stroke" brushes that were not perfect AT ALL. The brushes were awkwardly round, awfully short and super stiff (again far from perfect.) I guess they heard their consumers’ cry about how terrible those brushes were and changed them back. I applied three coats but you could easily get away with applying two coats. When I finished painting my nails with this awesome color, I thought it was superbly chic! Just chic beyond words and perfect for the fall. I just might put this in heavy rotation and that is saying a lot! It is unique. Green Up Your Act falls somewhere in betweenRescu e Beauty Lounge Orbit Non-Sufficient and Rescue Beauty Lounge Diddy Mow. I have a comparison picture below. Definitely, not as green as Orbit Non-Sufficient but way greener than Diddy Mow.  No dupes come to mind for this gorgeous color.  Green Up Your Act definitely deserves the WHOA NAILY! title. So you know what that means?! Go out and get it now! It retails exclusively at Target for about $7-8. 
(L to R: Rescue Beauty Lounge Orbit Non-Sufficient, NOPI Green Up Your Act, Rescue Beauty Lounge Diddy Mow)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Zoya Lolly (Summer 2011 ModMattes Collection)

Hey peachies! How I missed y’all! My summer has been great!  I had to take a short break from blogging to just enjoy the end of summer.  Zoya is a 4-free brand (free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and camphor) and has an award-winning vegan friendly formula. Lolly was one of three nail colors in this matte-only polish collection.  Lolly is a bright medium pink matte that applied relatively well for a matte polish.  Lolly dries quickly like other matte polishes which is the reason why this family of polishes can be a bit painful to apply but in this case Lolly was easier to maneuver because how pigmented the polish was.  Another thing about matte polishes is the wear time is a lot shorter than regular lacquers. I only enjoyed Lolly for 1 day and half without chipsL!  Oh well, Lolly was fun to look at while it lasted.  I am still on the fence about matte polishes, I think I like my lacquers to shine...anywho to each its own.  Gotta have Lolly?  Get it at for $8.  

Thursday, July 14, 2011

China Glaze Frostbite

Hey y'all! So this review has been on its way for a long time. Over a month ago, I visited my lovely nail tech, CJ at Helmet Salon (Shout out) for an overdue pedicure. Here's the short story: Girl meets polish and falls in love. Girl searches for a bottle of her own. Girl gets the polish;-) I wore this on my nails for about a week but failed to take a picture for the review...bummer times 100. So just for my peachies, I have decided to Frostbite my nails AGAIN so y'all won't miss this awesomeness:-) Peachies meet Frostbite, Frostbite meet my lovely peachies.

Frostbite is from China Glaze 2007 Winter Ski collection. Frostbite is a royal blue with electric blue shimmer. Absolutely gorgeous! China Glaze is a three-free brand (free of toluene, DBP, and formaldehyde.) The formula is ok; standard to China Glaze. Originally, I applied three coats but only applied two coats for the re-do which is pictured above. I would recommend three coats. My infatuation for this color grew so much that I wore this color for my mani and pedi AT THE SAME TIME! I rarely match my mani and pedi because it's just too many beautiful colors to have one color monopolize your hands & feet at the same time. Love Frostbite as much as I do? It retails at your nearest Sally's Beauty Supply for about $7.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Essie Smooth Sailing (Braziliant Summer 2011 Collection)

Hey peachies! Smooth Sailing is sort of periwinkle, sort of blue with multi-color shimmer. I wouldn't call it a periwrinkle with full conviction.  Essie is a 3-free brand (free of toluene, DBP and formaldehyde.) The application is a dream:-) Essie's formula can be sometimey...I'm glad this time it was a hit because the color is beautiful. I only applied two coats which speaks to perfection of the formula. Smooth Sailing definitely appears more blue than on the nail.  Only thing that I didn't like about the Smooth Sailing is that the multi-colored shimmer didn't transfer on the nail like I thought it would. On the nail it appears more silvery. It's still a gorgeous, unique color nonetheless. I would have deemed the WHOA NAILY! title to Smooth Sailing if the shimmer would have transferred from the bottle to the nail.  Want Smooth Sailing? Essie retails at major retailers like CVS & Target for $8.

Tried to capture the multi-coloered shimmer here...