Monday, March 28, 2011

My Zoya PP is here!

It's here, it's here! I love getting makes me feel like a kid on Christmas. Adding to my excitement, Zoya threw in two freebies, their infamous nail polish remover and nail sample spoons for their latest collection, Intimate. Who doesn't love free stuff?! Judging by their sample spoons, I'm in love with the ethereal colors included in the collection. I think I'm getting every last one of the colors in that collection:-) Anyway, I can't wait to swatch my Zoya babies especially the matte pink Lolly!

(L-R) Blyss, Lolly, Crystal, Jules
My entire shipment
Zoya Intimate Collection Spoons
(L-R) Marley, Dove, Caitlin, Dannil, Jules, Gemma


  1. I am really feeling the Gemma!! Wish I had the talent to paint my own nails:( Ready for that tutorial blog!!

  2. It's coming! Lots a people have been requesting a 101 I have started to work on one:)

  3. Hey Monique! Its April! I love this blog! And I love nail polish! I'm currently obsessed with anything Essie. I love to do my own manicure too so I'll def take a pic and send it to you. I've also started a blog myself :). Feel free to follow me!

  4. Hey April! Thanks for your support!