Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Zoya "Jules"

Hello fellow polish lovers! This time I went with Zoya "Jules." Zoya is a 4-free brand (free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and camphor) and has an award-winning vegan friendly formula.  Jules is the EXACT color of my car, I mean exact color.  Jules color is a beautiful metallic pewter-taupe polish with gold, silver and champagne shimmer throughout the polish. Although the color on my complexion is okay (honestly I can wear almost any color), I can see Jules being tough for other gals to pull off.  The formula is a bit thick making the application very tricky.  If you are not careful, this will be "bubble-city" on your nails.  Apply thin coats with as few strokes as possible.  Because of the thickness, I only applied two coats.  I had the worst luck applying this baby. On the first try, no bubbles but I manage the get smudges on them and the second try was "bubble-city."  I was so frustrated that I left the bubble horror show on my nails for one day.  Maybe I will try Jules again tonight as a mani or...not maybe I will try it as a pedi color next. So because the color is hard to pull off for most and the formula/application issues that comes with Jules, this is not a WHOA NAILY! polish in my eyes...so dissappointing because I was so sure that this beautiful color would be:-( Sorry peachies, there is no dupe that I can think for this one, very unique and not many gals will be able to wear this color making it a cool color to have. I will definitely try it again and give you an update if the application issues change.

Bubble City:-(

See! The exact same color as my car...

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