Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crystal (Zoya Winter 2010 Flame Collection)


Well peachies...I'm not giving up on Zoya just yet.  From Zoya's Winter 2010 Flame collection, Crystal is a steel, dusty metallic blue with gold flecks floating throughout it. The blue is very cool but gorgeous nonetheless.  Anything involving gold flecks is guaranteed to get my approval;-) The formula is great, it dried quickly and the application is darn near perfect.  I opted for three coats but two coats would have been just fine.  Crystal is absolutely beautiful...I've heard that this is an exact dupe for obscure UK and Asia exclusive OPI's Reflecting Pool and by the looks of things, Crystal is definitely a dupe.  Although it's not uber-unique, it is still not run of the mill, only one other polish looks exactly like it and that polish is not readily available like Crystal. Want Crystal? Get it at for $8.

OPI Reflecting Pool

Both outdoors

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