Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Black Pearl (from Chanel Spring 2011 Collection)

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Hey peachies! I am finally getting around to trying my March PPs (Polish Purchases).  This time I wanted something unusually neutral so I went with Black Pearl 513 from Chanel Spring 2011 collection.  Chanel's formula is a 4-free (free of toluene, formaldehyde, phthalates/DBP and formaldehyde resin).  Black Pearl is a smokey charcoal greenish grey with a pearlish finish.  A mouthful I know but this polish did not disappoint in the least bit.  I am in love with the finish because it sets Black Pearl apart for the rest of the charcoal greys, making it edgy but not too intense-looking.  The application was superb, I only had to use two coats and there were no other issues.  I got tons of compliments, more than usual so if that's any indicator of how gorgeous it is then it's a killer;-) Black Pearl is unique although I'm sure there are some almost-dupes out there.  The Beauty Lookbook ( has some pretty awesome comparisons.  Want Black Pearl? It retails at $23 a pop. I got mine at Nordstrom but you can also order it directly from the Chanel website (  Until next time...;-)


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